NOSSA – Portable Room

Waiting for a flight at the airport can be painful. People can be there for hours, without a comfortable place to rest. So Evolution, the most innovative hotel in Lisbon, created that place. A portable bedroom people could pick up in the boarding areas. Totally made out of recycled cardboard, designed to bear every height and weight, with a safe place for the bag. And suddenly, waiting for a flight became more comfortable than a flight itself.


Agency: NOSSA
Managing Director: Duarte Durão
Creative Director: Nuno Cardoso
Creative Supervisor: Rafael Pfaltzgraff
Creative Team: Rafael Pfaltzgraff, Rui Simões, Diogo Batalha

Animation Production Company: COLA
Stop Motion Animation: Bruno Caetano and Luís Soares
DOP: Vitor Estudante

Account Director: Manuel Gravata
Designers: Rúben Mangorrinha, João Fonseca, Sebastião Ferreira, Mauro Carmelino
Product Design: Mo.Ca
Production Company: Boa Onda Produções
Post-Production: André Almeida
Sound Production: Sonido