COLA is an international production cooperative specialising in bringing to life high quality handmade film content. Together we are stronger, more experienced and capable of facing even the hardest creative challenges. Having worked for years in various projects of distinct animation techniques, we welcome you to contact us with new and original projects.

Ala Nunu

Born in 1994 in Poznań Poland, currently based in France. Studied at University of Arts in her hometown, Royal College of Art in London and La Poudriere in Valence, France. Independent animation director who directed series and short films, worked for inter alia BFI, London Natural History Museum and The Atlantic.

Bruno Caetano

Portimão,1979. Self-taught stop motion animator and builder, his professional career led him to participate in projects of various animation techniques, as well as in other areas of artistic interest. Works mostly as a director, producer and animator. Publishes comics at Comic Heart and A Seita.

João Alves

Born in 1982, grew up divided between science and arts, animation and horror. Graduated as a Marine Biologist in 2006, started working on a weekly animated skit for TV four months later. Self-taught, in 2010 made a short that won several horror and animation awards. Wrote the first feature in 2017.

João Gonzalez

João Gonzalez (Porto, 1996) is an animation director and a musician. He studied at ESMAD and Royal College of Art. He has a great interest in combining his musical background with his artistic practice in the world of animation, working also as a composer and sometimes instrumentalist in his films.

João Rapaz

Is a Lisbon based Set Designer, and Special Make-Up FX Artist that comes from a Industrial Design background. His love for Prop Making and Stop-Motion Animation led him to work in advertisement and cinema. Always studying, himself, he teaches at António Arroio Art School.