Os Azeitonas – Cinegirasol

“In an era of multiplexes, streaming, dvd’s and blu-rays, António Feliciano attempts to keep the magic of itinerant cinema alive, projecting epic adventures and thrilling romances in a stretched cloth sheet at various town squares all over the south of Portugal. Amongst the audience is a shy young man looking for the courage to declare is love…but how will he overcome his stylish rival and win the heart of the most beautiful girl in town?”

Script: Nuno Markl
Directors: Bruno Caetano e Rui Telmo Romão
Producer: Bruno Caetano
DOP: Rui Telmo Romão
Art Direction: Ana Bossa

Puppet Building Crew: Paula Custódio e Ricardo Mata
Sets and Props: Ana Bossa, Ana Esteves, Paula Custódio e Ricardo Mata
Animation: Bruno Caetano e Rui Telmo Romão
Additional Animation: Ricardo Mata
Post Production: Luís Soares e Sara Boiça

A Col.A (Animation Collective) and Easylab (Take it Easy Films) co-production.

With the support: Gema Azul and Salon Alpin

We would like to thank: Nuno Bouça, Jaime Bossa Bouça, Miguel Robalo, Ricardo Almeida, Hugo Pouca Roupa, Bazar do Video

Making of​