With Each Passing Day… By Emanuel Nevado (in production)

Mrs. Piedade is an old mouse who lives in a small village in the mountainous interior of Portugal. Her existence is mainly composed of loneliness and memories, and a hardened routine, guided by the regular beat of the clock and the tea she drinks with her friends, two sisters, who live in the same village. The accumulation of this routine will awaken in Mrs. Piedade the desire to break it. Drawn on to a strong memory that prevents her from acting, she returns to where she was once happy hoping to regain some kind of new happiness.

A Stop Motion animation short film, currently in pre-production.

Original Story: Bruno Caetano
Script: Pedro Moura and Bruno Caetano

Director: Emanuel Nevado
Art Direction: Joana Afonso

Producer: Bruno Caetano
With the Support: ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, R├ępublica Portuguesa

Looking for additional funding.