Herbe Verte By Elise Augarten (in production)

Rouge is a woman who would be nothing out of the ordinary if her hair weren’t so incandescent. She looks worried and discreet. She has a blue dress, carries a very heavy fabric suitcase. She is a sad woman who feels incomplete. She is troubled, distressed, but also determined. She senses something. She needs to move on.

An animation short film, currently in production.

Script: Elise Augarten

Director: Elise Augarten
Art Direction: Elise Augarten

Producer: Marc Faye
Co-producersPhilippe Aussel, Bruno Caetano

Film Co-Financed: Procirep Angoa, Sacem, CNC – CVS, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Région Occitanie, Métropole de Toulouse, TV7, Région Île de France, ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Républica Portuguesa

A Novanima (FR), Le-Lokal (FR) and COLA (PT) Co-Production