Ice Merchants By João Gonzalez

Every day, a man and his son descend from their vertiginous house, stuck on top of a precipice, to travel to the village on the plain below, where they sell ice they produce daily.


Script by: João Gonzalez

Director: João Gonzalez
Art Direction: João Gonzalez

Animation: João Gonzalez, Ala Nunu
Backgrounds: João Gonzalez

Sound Design and Mixing: Ed Trousseau
Sound Engineer: Ricardo Real
Assistant Sound Engineer: Joana Rodrigues

Original Soundtrack | Music Composition: João Gonzalez
Orquestration | Conductor: 
Nuno Lobo
Miguel Teixeira (Cello), Joana Silva (Viola), Nelson Cruzeiro (Viola), Pedro Levandeira (Double Bass), André Gamelas (Violin), Tiago Moreira (Violin), João Gonzalez (Piano, Synths)

Coloring: Jakub Kaczmarek, Hugo Sequeira, Luís Vital, Alicja Grotuz, Bartosz Zarcycki, Lucie Andouche, Louise Hullin, Owen Barioz, Romy Matar, João Monteiro, João Gonzalez
Editing: João Gonzalez
Clouds FX: Vier Nev
Additional Animation: Lewis Heriz
Accounting: António Selas

Producer: Bruno Caetano
Co-Producer: Michael Proença

Accounting: António Selas
With the Support: ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Républica Portuguesa

A COLA (PT), Wildstream (FR) and Royal College of Art (UK) Co-Production

With the support of:
XCUT – xcut.pt