L’Ombre des Papillons By Sofia El Khyari (in production)

Obsessed by the memory of a past love, a woman takes refuge in the contemplation of butterflies which seem to populate a mysterious forest. In the grip of a complex feeling of bittersweet nostalgia, she brings together daydream and reality, fantasy and frustration, pleasure and pain. And believing she is fleeing reality, she actually confronts it and unconsciously prepares for a rebirth…

An animation short film, currently in production.

Script: Sofia El Khyari

Director: Sofia El Khyari
Art Direction: Sofia El Khyari

Producer: Yves Bouveret, Olivier Catherin
Co-producer: Bruno Caetano

Film Co-Financed: Nouvelle Aquitaine, AFAC, TV7 Bordeaux, MAWRED, Doha Film Institute

A Am Stram Gram (FR) and COLA (PT) Co-Production

With the support of:
Walla Collective – wallacollective.pt